By purchasing this movie, you are making a donation to KCP.

By purchasing this movie, you are making a donation to KCP.


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Produced and Directed by Bess O’Brien
1 hour 30 minutes

COMING HOME is a documentary film focused on five people returning back to their Vermont communities from prison. The film focuses on the innovative COSA program (Circle of Support and Accountability) that helps reintegrate folks back into their daily lives. The COSA program is run through Vermont’s Community Justice Centers and is part of the restorative justice model.

COSA’s are made up of community volunteers who meet once a week with offenders returning back to their towns and cities. The idea of the COSA model is to "walk with a core member as he or she transitions from prison to community." Folks coming out of prison meet once a week for a year with their volunteer group enabling them to create strong bonds of support, friendship, and accountability as they work to become healthy members of society. Prisoners who are often placed in COSA's include sex offenders, drug related criminals, and felons. The rate of recidivism drops when folks are involved with a COSA team. COMING HOME is a film that takes an intimate and powerful look at this COSA process, the struggles and challenges of folks coming out of prison and the successes of the restorative justice model.