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WETWARE is a film noir set in a near future where there are tough and tedious jobs that no one wants and people at the end of their rope who will do anything for a sense of security and well-being. Enter Galapagos Wetware, a cutting edge genetic engineering firm where people down-on-their-luck apply to be Mungos—genetically altered humans with enhanced stamina for dreary jobs like street sweeping and slaughterhouses, or arduous jobs in deep sea mining, industrial agriculture, and toxic clean-up. 

With business booming, geneticist Hal Briggs has new ideas for high-end Mungos— for deep cover espionage, space travel and boots-on-the-ground for climate catastrophes and resource wars.  But what can Briggs do to make them complete?  And will these altered prototypes still be considered human?  Briggs experiments, changing the codes.  Then his prototypes escape - and Briggs makes a discovery that changes everything.

Cameron Scoggins (The Deuce, Nashville), Morgan Wolk (The Affair, Miles Ahead), Bret Lada (Law and Order), Jerry O’Connell (Stand By Me, Jerry McGuire), Nicole Shalhoub (The Good Wife, Madame Secretary), Aurélia Thiérrée (Aurelia’s Oratorio, Bells and Spells), Matt Salinger (24, Captain America)  Garret Lee Hicks (The Americans), Rusty DeWees (The Logger, A Stranger in the Kingdom), Ariel Zevon (ER, Strong Medicine) and Emmy-winner Gordon Clapp (NYPD Blue).

Now on tour. Click HERE for dates.

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