2016 One Imagined Word at a Time


Writers for Recovery Book



WHO WE ARE: Writers for Recovery is a series of writing workshops focused on stories of addiction and recovery. Participants write about their personal stories of struggle, perseverance, moments of doubt and inspiration and the slow but steady work of renewal and healing from addiction. Workshops include creative writing, poetry, and non-fiction.

Writers for Recovery was established by Kingdom County Productions in 2013 as part of Bess O’Brien’s documentary film The Hungry Heart.
Workshops are led by award-winning Vermont writer Gary Miller and produced by filmmaker Bess O’Brien from Kingdom County Productions. Workshops run an hour and half and consist of a series of writing prompts, feedback, and guest appearances by established VT writers. At the end of each ten week workshop there is a public reading of the writer’s work.

This is our 2016 Best of Writers for Recovery Writings! Once you’ve read this volume of powerful writing you’ll never think the same way about addiction again!