Windy Acres

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Directed by Jay Craven
Produced by Jay Craven, Lauren Moye, Hathalee Higgs, Dan Harvey, Enzo DiMaio
Written by Randi Hacker, Jay Craven, Matt Sienkieewicz, Abby Paige, Sascha Stanton-Craven
Starring Rusty DeWees, Seana Kofoed, Ariel Kiley, Bill Raymond, Tantoo Cardinal, Charlie McDermott, Felicia Hammer, John Griesemer

Windy Acres is a ground-breaking seven-episode comedy series. Episode one runs 58 minutes. Episodes 2 through 7 run 28 minutes each. It tells the story of New York marketing ace Stephanie Burns, who loses her job at an upscale children’s clothing company. Eager for a change, she discovers a website for “agricultural tourism” in Vermont and impulsively stuffs her two daughters into a borrowed car, setting out for unexpected adventure in the Green Mountains. Once in Vermont, she meets rugged, love starved, hard-scrabble Vermont farmer Lucien LaFlamme, and sparks start to fly.

Determined to find success as an agricultural tourist, Stephanie sets out to micromanage Lucien’s flagging farm into fame and fortune. Lucien needs the help, whether he likes to admit it or not, so Stephanie sharpens her corporate marketing skills to get the job done. But when her teen daughter, Titania (Ariel Kiley) falls for outlaw mechanic, Turkey Tatro (Stivi Paskoski), Stephanie goes haywire. Of course, everything that could go wrong does, as this offbeat ensemble of characters makes their way through seven weekly episodes of misadventure.

We love Windy Acres and hope you will continue with the series. It falls in line with some of the English comedies we enjoy. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!
– Viewers in Wilmington, Vermont