The Voices Project

The Voices Project is a theater musical based on the lives of Vermont teenagers. Through an 8 month research phase KCP interviewed more than 1000 teenagers and adapted their stories into a script. After the script was completed, approximately 20 Vermont teen composers wrote all the songs in the play. The project was underwritten by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Vermont who wanted to look at the health of teens in Vermont. The production was co-written and co-directed by Bess O’Brien and Abby Paige, produced by Bess O’Brien, and associate produced by Abby Paige.

In 2005, after an intensive three-week rehearsal schedule twenty one teen actors from across Vermont toured the show to 13 towns in the state.

The show is raw, real, humorous and shows the struggles, hopes and dreams of teenagers from many walks of life. There are mature themes and language in the play, but the show is ultimately poignant and focuses on the power and perseverance of young people. The show is funny moving and powerful. It showcases the lives of a diverse group of teenagers including youth struggling with peer pressure, body image, depression, love, friends and family. The music in the production is raw and fun and highlights the energy of teen voices

Alex Aldrich from the Vermont Arts Council says, “The Voices Project is an unprecedented production, never seen before in Vermont, don’t miss this important event!” The Burlington Free Press reviewed the production and called it “Insightful, evocative, remarkable in scope.”

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