After The Fog

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Produced by Jay Craven and Robert Miller Directed by Jay Craven, Sascha Stanton-Craven, Matt Sienkiewicz

After the Fog chronicles the dramatic experiences of eleven U.S. combat veterans. Vets featured in the film include WWII Army Ranger Curtis Whiteway, who won three Purple Hearts for service during The Battle of the Bulge, where only 20 soldiers survived from his 250-man battalion; Cliff Austin, who was called into the Army during his junior year of high school and sent straight to the front where he was captured and held as a German POW for more than a year; David Underwood, who lost part of his foot while working as a helicopter crew chief in Vietnam; Bob Miller, who fought in northern Africa and Italy and helped to produce the film; and young Iraq vets Jonathan Miller and Abbie Pickett, the one female soldier in the group. Together, these former soldiers provide a vivid, detailed, emotionally charged, and highly personal picture of military recruitment, training, combat, and reintegration into civilian life. They share remarkable insights into their life under fire. In doing so, they pose eternal questions about the nature and impact of war — and how human beings cope with the intense emotional, psychological, and physical changes they experience from combat.

With rare eloquence, emotion and insight, and a deft touch, After the Fog paints a moving picture of soldiers’ experiences, from boot camp to the return home.
– The Brattleboro Reformer