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Directed by Jay Craven

Produced by Jay Craven, Hathalee Higgs, John O’Neill,  J. Todd Harris, Todd Enright Starring: Kris Kristofferson, Genevieve Bujold, Charlie McDermott, Gary Farmer, Bill Sanderson, Lothaire Bluteau Set during Prohibition, the film tells the story of Quebec Bill Bonhomme (Kristofferson), an impossible dreamer and schemer who needs fast cash after a freak lightning storm destroys his barn. Despite forebodings from his skeptical and mystical sister, Cordelia (Bujold), Quebec Bill hatches a plan to steal twenty cases of liquor from feral Canadian whiskey pirate, Caracjou (Bluteau), and smuggle it back across the Vermont-Canadian border. He takes along his 15 year-old-son, Wild Bill (McDermott), his inscrutable brother-in-law (Farmer), and his cranky hired man (Sanderson). Together, they cross the border into Canadian wilderness – and a haunted and elusive past — for three unforgettable days “full of terror, full of wonder.” What they find is the stuff of genuine legend.

…lovingly handmade…beautiful and raw…imbued with a robust charm.
– Stephen Holden, New York Times