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Ask Us Who We Are  is a documentary film focused on the challenges and extraordinary lives of youth in foster care. The film is a reflection on loss and the search for belonging and finding family. Although the film highlights the heartbreak that many foster care youth carry with them as they move through their lives, the documentary also reveals the tremendous strength and perseverance that grows out of their determination to survive and thrive. The documentary also focuses on the lives of foster care parents and kinship families that open their homes to children. Through small and large acts of kindness these adults can change the course of children’s lives and give them a sense of place if only for a brief time. In addition, the film highlights two parents who lose their children to the system and struggle to be reunited with them. Ask Us Who We Are is about the search for home, community, and the transformative power of love in the midst of fractured and often broken lives. The film breaks open stereotypes and gives voice to those who are often not heard.

This is what a film should do…raise awareness without sounding preachy. So delicate is the balance of information and compassionate insight. The movie is sure to be part of conferences, independent living classes and training courses all across the country.

Chris Chmielewski, Foster Focus Magazine